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Why are banks assembling innovation teams?

New bank innovation teams tend to favor a certain process improvement initiative. Bank innovation teams are fairly new trend. They are often assembled from a diverse mix of external consultants and internal employees across the departmental lines to focus on just about any sort of initiative, such as identifying internal silos hindering collaboration or improving day-to-day operations….

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What do onboarding delays really cost your bank?

Ready, set, wait Road construction is a fact of life. Whether you’re headed across town or have the car packed for vacation, encountering a detour or traffic jam is inevitable. Driving is just one of the occasions where we’re conditioned to expect delays: airport security, license renewals at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or…

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This is why drones and robot vacuums are changing business banking

Technology is putting corporate customers in the driver’s seat – not banks. While making dinner, you turn to your voice-assisted device and tell it to turn on the TV. You listen to a news story about Amazon’s first public drone delivery while chopping carrots. A few pieces fall to the floor and your robot vacuum…

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What’s the right lockbox strategy for the declining check market?

Why outsourcing or co-sourcing your lockbox operations could be the answer to maintaining profitability. To many of us, it feels natural that when uncertainty is certain, instinctual action and critical decisions often result in deferment. We hope that clarity arrives and bestows wisdom. But too often, prudent courses of action are bogged down with hesitancy,…

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I work in Fintech and still use a check book to buy ice cream

For most small businesses, cash really isn’t king. Nearly all small businesses accept checks. Case and point, my favorite seasonal, mom-and-pop ice cream store has a rabid fan following that includes yours truly. Their homemade brownies spun with vanilla soft serve drove customers to pitch tents and camp outside before the store’s opening day in…

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Anticipating where the puck will be to win business

A $6 billion-asset-bank with 465 employees serving clients in five states, subscribes to hockey legend Wayne Gretzky’s philosophy of, ‘anticipating where the puck is going to be.’ In short, the organization closely watches what large corporates are doing to anticipate what its mid-market clients will want in two to three years; and believes that an…

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Level the playing field with business mobile

Business mobile isn’t just for big banks. A boutique bank with no retail presence is leveling the playing field in some of the most competitive banking markets in the United States by offering its clients this ‘big bank’ product. Business mobile is a key part of the institution’s customer focus and is being introduced in…

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