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Liquidity management and staying afloat in turbulent times

The role that the corporate treasury function plays in an organization varies widely. Depending on the company, the treasury group generally oversees liquidity, cash flow, external financing, risk, and bank relationships. As companies grow organically, through acquisitions, or by geographic expansion; liquidity management becomes increasingly complex and top-of-mind for corporate treasurers. One of the key…

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New RDC market opportunities call for new differentiation tactics [WEBINAR]

Why it’s time for banks to create a new plan for success. Financial institutions have transformed remote deposit capture into a hallmark service offering. The race to be the first institution to offer RDC is over and a new competition for a largely untapped SMB market is on the horizon.  It comes as no surprise…

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Will faster payments hit a wall?

The Federal Reserve Faster Payments Task Force has published their final report, which was the collaborative effort of over 300 industry participants. The key take-away from the 64-page report was a call to action for US financial institutions to be capable of receiving a faster payment by the year 2020. Given the short period of…

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How one bank migrated 30,000 RDC accounts to a new platform in 14 months

“There were moments of calm, and moments of sheer terror,” said the bank’s director of cash management products and services. Migrating your clients from a legacy RDC platforms to a new system is a big deal when all of them use RDC. But the bank needed an RDC partner with a customer support philosophy that…

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“The Times They are a-Changin;” so are receivables payments

Why its time to revisit your current receivable approaches sooner rather than later. Bob Dylan was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for the vast body of work throughout his career. His songs captured the social unrest of a nation in transition. Today, the payments landscape in the United States is also undergoing a…

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Onboarding automation is a budget trifecta winner

Want to be our customer? Please fill out this form in triplicate. If you ask your corporate customers, they may say that the last innovation to speed the execution of services contracts was the use of three-part carbon-copy forms. While innovations are radically improving the customer experience in retail banking and lending, why is it…

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3 research-backed strategies to introduce business mobile to SMBs

Check deposits continue to drive branch traffic with 93 percent of surveyed SMBs making branch deposits. These statistics provide motivation to migrate these expensive branch transactions to self-service channels such as business mobile remote capture. Like consumer mobile, business mobile is deployed either by being integrated to an institution’s mobile app or as a stand-alone,…

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