WAUSAU is a Catalyst for Results

By delivering the best financial technology solutions, we enable our clients to drive new revenue, improve the customer experience, reduce cost and manage risk.

Industry-leading firms count on us as a strategic partner for growth and efficiencies. Thousands of organizations rely on WAUSAU solutions, including:

  • 29 utilities serving 57M+ customers
  • 20 government agencies serving 72M+ constituents
  • 17 insurers serving 108M+ customers
  • 9 of the top 10 U.S. Banks
  • 4 telecommunications companies serving 264M+ customers

We are recognized as a leader in our markets:

  • #1 Retail and Wholesale Lockbox solutions
  • 150,000+ RDC seats, largest non-core provider
  • 400M+ yearly outsourced transactions projected by year end

We help financial institutions grow their business while reducing risk and improving compliance and efficiency. Our solutions enable organizations to increase fee-based revenue with their business clients, by offering integrated receivables and remote deposit capture (RDC) technologies, while our paperless treasury solution increases client face time and maximizes sales productivity.

At the same time, we work directly with corporations to speed cash flow by reducing the time sales remain outstanding; gaining greater insights from payments data; improving productivity/efficiency; and improving customer service.

Specifically, through our products, services, and consulting, WAUSAU helps customers achieve more efficient management of money and transactions of all kinds.

We are focused on being the very best at:

Integrating receivables
To speed cash flow and support real-time business decisions.

Eliminating paper
By digitizing workflow to enhance the customer experience, reduce risks and cut costs.

Accelerating deposits and payments
Securely and across multiple channels, we improve retention, increase revenue and reduce costs.

We offer flexible delivery options — in-house, outsourced or in the cloud.