Remote Capture Solutions

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Extend your reach and grow your revenue with Remote Capture from WAUSAU.

Our proven, mature, best-in-class Remote Capture products don't just make you fast and efficient — they enhance revenue and cut costs across the organization. Whether in financial institutions or in corporations from a wide range of industries, capturing deposit and payment data at the point of presentment is a key element in an integrated process of imaging and transmitting that saves money at every point and opens up new strategic opportunities. View the complete suite of Remote Capture products that WAUSAU has to offer.

Remote Capture Products

Branch Capture Solutions

Now financial institutions of any size can capture, image, key and balance at the branch.

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Remote Deposit Capture

Move money faster, accelerate deployment of remote capture and make it easy to upgrade, support and implement.

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Remittance Payment Capture

Offering both internal and external customers remote remittance payment capture and processing

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Teller Line Capture

Proven teller image capture and balancing — for financial institutions that want to expand teller imaging and balancing capabilities and move money even faster.

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