Remote Capture 

Remote Deposit Capture

Making revenue-generating RDC quick to deploy and easy to use.

For both financial institutions and corporate customers, WAUSAU Financial Systems Deposit 24/7 Suite, complete with risk monitoring functionality, is a comprehensive solution that includes merchant, consumer and mobile capture points, and allows convenient and secure check deposit from the office, at home or on-the-go.

The Deposit 24/7 Suite includes:
Deposit 24/7 Merchant™/Deposit 24/7 Lockbox™

  • WAUSAU’s merchant/lockbox RDC solution is ideal for businesses who receive many checks on a daily basis. A thin-client deposit and remittance payment web-based version allows robust functionality and enhanced benefits, with lower deployment costs and the speed of touchless implementation. RDC traditionally required a dedicated high-speed MICR scanner. Not with our solution. Your customers now can have scanner options they can choose based on their needs. Whether they require high speed, specialized scanners to do the job, or would fare just fine with a TWAIN-compliant flatbed scanner or all-in-one print/copy/fax machine they already have at their place of business, WAUSAU’s merchant/lockbox RDC solution integrates with them all.

Deposit 24/7 Consumer™

  • WAUSAU’s consumer RDC solution is ideal for micro-businesses and consumers receiving small numbers of checks. Through the support of common office hardware, such as a flatbed scanner or all-in-one print/copy/fax machine, consumer capture opens the benefits of RDC to small business owners and consumers unable to afford the more costly check scanners associated with traditional merchant capture. Now they too have an affordable and secure option for making their deposits.

Deposit 24/7 Mobile™

  • WAUSAU’s mobile RDC solution is ideal for consumers who are on the move and receive small numbers of checks. Mobile RDC saves customers a trip to the bank by allowing them to deposit either personal or business checks via camera-equipped smart phones, including the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and devices on the Windows Mobile platform.

Deposit 24/7 Risk Monitoring™
One of the most important features of WAUSAU’s Deposit 24/7 Suite is the inclusion of risk monitoring functionality, which allows financial institutions and their clients to safely enjoy the benefits of RDC while complying with the FFIEC Guidelines. 
As a financial institution, you need to assess the risks and have a solution in place to address them.  As RDC mainstreams, institutions need to be prepared with tools and strategies for managing the potential risk introduced by new capture channels. Internal procedures alone won’t scale and won’t be able to handle the increased volume that will come from small business and consumer RDC. Automated monitoring will be essential for financial institutions to control the risks of mass-market RDC adoption and offer assurance that standards are being met.
WAUSAU’s risk monitoring module includes components such as duplicate detection, velocity and dollar limits and image analytics and allows institutions and their risk management teams to better monitor and control risks associated with RDC. One of the key features of WAUSAU’s risk monitoring module allows for rule-based flags. If any items coming into the system fit a designated rule, a flag will be assigned to that item or transaction. Once the item has been flagged, it can be personally reviewed and a decision can be made as to whether to move forward with the transaction before the items are presented into the clearing channels.
The module also provides specific contact information about who captured that item and the risk rating associated with that location. Risk ratings can be setup specific to each location that is capturing and transmitting items via RDC. The application can prioritize and organize transactions by the rating associated with that location.
Location Awareness
As the FFIEC and other regulatory and auditing requirements are placed upon financial institutions, one of the conditions is to better identify the location where deposits are being captured and transmitted from. Location Awareness from WAUSAU tracks capture locations via an IP address and alerts the institution within Risk Monitoring if the customary physical location, changes, providing greater visibility to possible fraudulent activities.
The suspect transactions can then be reviewed and properly decisioned before downstream processing takes place. Risk ratings can be set up specific to each location that is capturing and transmitting items via RDC. The application can then prioritize and organize transactions by the rating associated with that location.
Top ratings from Celent and Aite Group 
As attested by wide industry praise, our solution continues to pave the way, even in a maturing market. Our Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solution suite has been named best in class by Aite Group and, most recently, won the XCelent Service Award in Celent’s most recent RDC Solutions ABCD Vendor View benchmark study.
“WAUSAU earns this distinction for its uniformly strong client feedback and rigorous, ongoing efforts to measure and take action on the voice of the customer,” noted Celent senior analyst, Bob Meara. “Not only does WAUSAU prove itself in service, but the company continues to rank high in solution functionality as well.” 
Ease of use
The RDC solution from WAUSAU empowers your customers while saving cost and effort for you, thanks to:

  • Intuitive and friendly interfaces
  • Installation wizards
  • Web-based training
  • Location awareness, to better identify the location where deposits are being captured and transmitted from
  • Multilingual support
  • Scanner deployment and maintenance, to ensure your customers have the tools they need — when they need them — without having to depend on you
  • Integration to popular accounting packages like QuickBooks

Comprehensive Web-based training
Although WAUSAU introduced its Web-based training years ago, the functionality of this feature continues to remain unique when compared to other RDC applications. From short videos on changing scanner cartridges and setting configurations to integrated tools to validate that corporate PC configuration meets minimum requirements of the RDC solution and scanner, the training tools continue to draw raves from both analysts and customers. Support is simple because customers and members can now help themselves.
Integration to QuickBooks and other accounting packages
WAUSAU has integrated directly to the QuickBooks® and other popular accounting packages to allow a business to create their deposit and update QuickBooks® all within our RDC solution, reducing the number of steps required to update their account receivables.
Strategic, vertical-specific capabilities
Rejecting a one-size-fits-all approach, our tailored solutions allow you to take a consultative approach with your key market verticals, building a partnership with your customer that will outlast competitive threats. Our solution is tailored to the needs of specific industries, such as property management, allowing you to become more than just your customer’s “bank.”
Scanner deployment service
At WAUSAU Financial Systems, we’ve deployed more than 25,000 scanners, but our program is much more than just scanner deployment. We offer you a comprehensive, integrated and customizable solution equipped to manage all of your Remote Capture needs. Our Scanner Deployment Service will provide you with dependable, consistent service and support you can rely on.
Full deposit and remittance payment functionality
In addition to making deposits smooth and fast, our advanced functionality goes beyond deposit automation to capture remittance payments as well. Integrating directly with a company’s remittance systems, the functionality can work with a back-end remittance system or stand alone to process payments within the Web client.

Comprehensive marketing support 
WAUSAU’s Deposit 24/7 includes exclusive access to a RDC Web portal that provides ample marketing resources to assist financial institutions in successfully marketing and selling RDC to their end-customers, including downloadable sell sheets, case studies, customizable website marketing videos and interactive demonstrations that can be used during sales meetings.

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