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Wholesale Lockbox Solution

Generate revenue by giving new customers — in new markets — just what they need.

The lockbox industry is going through a paradigm shift, from emphasizing operational process efficiencies to generating revenue. The objective of a lockbox solution is to act as an extension of a corporate customer's accounts receivable system. The lockbox provider must satisfy a variety of AR-related requirements for customers. Wholesale lockbox provides specific functionality to offer an efficient way to process low-volume, high-dollar-value, business-to-business payments that are traditionally nonuniform, diverse and inefficient. WAUSAU Financial Systems' integrated receivables for wholesale lockbox — the #1 product in the market — lets you focus on revenue generation. You can grow deposits, take in fees by on-boarding new clients to process payments, and expand market penetration by entering into deposit-rich vertical markets like property management and healthcare. We have the best-in-class technology for wholesale lockbox, we have the expertise and we have over 40% of all U.S. lockbox volume.


Improved transaction accuracy
Automating transactions with our wholesale-lockbox product reduces error and risk. Capture every form of payment electronically. Payee verification, alerts, deposit-total delivery, posting and extract files — all those functions become electronic.. 
Reduced item handling
Digital automation speeds processing by reducing handling. Improve productivity through a variety of workflows suited for your operation: Single Pass, Second Pass, front- and back-end document and image capture.
Scalable architecture for easy expansion: from low to high volume
Flexibility in a technology investment is more critical than ever. Our wholesale lockbox technology can work for processes of any volume — and can grow with your business.
Increased revenue opportunities
WAUSAU's wholesale lockbox products enable endless strategies for enhancing revenue: fees from on-boarding new clients to process payments; expanded market penetration by entering deposit-rich verticals; and retaining customers by serving as their integrated "payment application” service.

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